5 Startup Naming Tips

Since I started my own startup, I started to meet new entrepreneurs and their new crazy ideas. Fascinated about their ideas (some are really good) I always want to share with friends and family about other startups. Every time I finish telling about the startups I met the very next question is: “what is the name of the startup?”. I am not that good at memorizing, so I think if I can remember the name of a startup it is because it has something special (at least the name πŸ˜› ) Here some tips of how to name your startup:

1. Make it Related to Your Product/Service

I realized after many of this occasions that the only names I remembered were the ones that had a relationship to their main product/service. Examples: Facebook, Linked, MySpace, TechCrunch, Wikipedia

2. Make it Two Syllables

People’s memory are not the best for memorizing long complex names and numbers. As an example you can read my other post What is a Domain were you can see that for people it is easier to remember names than numbers. In the case of names it is easier to remember 2 syllables names than longer and complex names. Examples: Β  Facebook, Google, MySpace, TechCrunch

3. Make it Intuitive for Spelling

There are times were your name might sound great, but when you want to write it down it is impossible. Try to avoid using words that you don’t know if it is written with “K”, “C” or “CK”. If people have to search your name in Google to know how it is written, then your startup’s name is a complete fail! A BAD example: Xobonko.com

4. Give it a Shot

When you think you have come up with a great name, pitch your company’s idea and say the name you have though about to your family, friends, friends of friends. But before you ask for their feedback tell them to be 100% honest. I always tell them: “Please tell me if it sounds like $#!*, awesome or weird. I seriously would appreciate it and don’t worry, I will not get mad πŸ˜› ” Most of them will tell you their honest opinion.

5.Check That Your Name Isn’t Taken

After I had some “good” names in my mind, I decided to look around if they were still free. For my bad luck most of them were already gone πŸ™ I came across a good tool that helps you search all social network usernames: http://namechk.com/ For checking the domain name you could try: Guansite.com

What have been your experiences with naming your company?

Author: Rocko

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