HOW TO: Install TSM Client on Debian/Ubuntu 64bit Server

Few weeks ago, I had the task to install TSM Backup Client, in a Debian 64bit Server. TSM was developed by IBM. With the use of this software you can create schedules for automatic Backups to a central/main Backup Server. Sadly IBM decided not to support Debian and derivatives, so that is how we come to the first problem: It is “impossible” to install TSM in a Debian machine. But with some few tricks, you can install it and run it as if IBM had support for Debian. The second problem is: we are dealing with a 64bit Server (actually this is not a big deal, but nevertheless things get a bit more “complicated”). This is a HOW TO install TSM Client on Debian/Ubuntu tutorial

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So first of all you should have the following archive and packages:

  • alien
  • libstdc++6
  • ksh
  • ia32-libs

For installing alien, libstdc++6 and ksh:

[code]~# apt-get install alien libstdc++6 ksh ia32-libs[/code]

Now you have to unpack the file with the following command:

[code]tar xvf[/code]

Go to the file that was unpacked from the previous step:

[code]cd TSM[/code]

You will have the following archives:

  • TIVsm-API64.i386.rpm
  • TIVsm-API.i386.rpm
  • TIVsm-BA.i386.rpm

TIVsm-BA.i386.rpm is the Backup-Archive (B/A) client.

We will use the last 2.

Now we are going to unpack the rpm files. Do not care about the warnings/errors that may/will appear:

[code]alien -g TIVsm-API.i386.rpm TIVsm-BA.i386.rpm[/code]

The next step has to be apply for TIVsm-API.i386.rpm as well as for TIVsm-BA.i386.rpm

You have to edit the following files:  ( TIVsm-API-6.1.3/debian/control and TIVsm-BA-6.1.3/debian/control )

[code]nano TIVsm-API-6.1.3/debian/control[/code]

And edit the text so that it looks like this:

[code]Source: tivsm-api
Section: alien
Priority: extra
Maintainer: whoever is the maintainer
Package: tivsm-api
Architecture: amd64
Description: the API
IBM Tivoli Storage Manager API

Now edit TIVsm-BA-6.1.3/debian/control

[code]nano TIVsm-BA-6.1.3/debian/control[/code]

Again edit the text so that you get the following text:

[code]Source: tivsm-ba
Section: alien
Priority: extra
Maintainer: whoever is the maintainer
Package: tivsm-ba
Architecture: amd64
Description: the Backup Archive Client
IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Client

Now we will create the *.deb packages:

[code]dpkg -b TIVsm-API-6.1.3
dpkg -b TIVsm-BA-6.1.3[/code]

The above code will create an output similar to this:

[code]dpkg-deb: building package `tivsm-api’ in `TIVsm-API-6.1.3/.deb’.[/code]


[code]dpkg-deb: building package `tivsm-ba’ in `TIVsm-BA-6.1.3/.deb’.[/code]

Whit those outputs you recognize that the package was built in TIVsm-API-6.1.3/ and in TIVsm-BA-6.1.3/ and the name of the package its just “.deb”. So lets rename them so that we can identify them later:

[code]mv TIVsm-API-6.1.3/.deb TIVsm-API-6.1.3/api.deb
mv TIVsm-BA-6.1.3/.de TIVsm-BA-6.1.3/ba.deb[/code]

Now we proceed to the installation:

[code]dpkg -i TIVsm-API-6.1.3/api.deb
dpkg -i TIVsm-BA-6.1.3/ba.deb[/code]

After this step you have installed successfully TSM Client. After this step you have to continue with the normal steps, like configuring the config file, create a incremental backup, etc etc.

If you have any questions, suggestions, problems, leave your comment!!

Author: Rocko

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