HOW TO: Make a CD bootable

First of all, what does bootable means?

When you are trying to install for example a new OS (Operating System), you need a bootable CD, Diskette, USB Device, etc to run it and install it.

What do we need?

  • An OS as .iso file
  • A CD
  • A software that will help us create the Bootable CD

Where do we get our needs?

  • The OS as .iso file, we can get several OS in many places. The one we will use is Ubuntu Desktop 10.10, the reason is because next time I’m going to show you how to install it step by step. The download link is this one: Nevertheless it works with any .iso file you have.
  • The CD can be any normal writable CD of 700MB
  • The software we will use is called: Brasero¬† For Windows users, there are several free/paid programs, such as Nero, ImgBurn, etc I recommend for WINDOWS USERS

How to make it bootable?

First we open the Brasero. It will look like this:

Click on burn image button. It will show up this window:

In the “Select a disk image to write” option, you have to select your .iso file that you downloaded before.

In the “Select a disc to write to” option, you have to insert your CD into your CD burner and that option will get available and 99% of the times it will get configured by itself. So just insert your CD and the program will do the rest.

Next step is to click on “Create Image” and the it will start burning the image. After a while the disk will be released and you will have your new bootable CD!!

Author: Rocko

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