What is a Domain?

Every day millions of people make use of domains, but most of them don’t know what a domain is.

First of all let me give some examples of some domains, so that you understand what a domain is: www.google.com, www.facebook.com, www.rocko.me, www.bautech-int.com, etc

Now that you know how a domain looks like, let me explain what it actually is. A domain is a “translation” or “synonym” of the IP address (Internet Protocol address) into more memorable name. For example: type into your browser’s address bar this IP address:  that will bring you to Google. Now type www.google.com and of course you will arrive at Google’s site.

As you might note, it’s easier to remember google.com than

If you want to have a domain to make your own website, you would have to register so that nobody else can use it. There are several domain registrars on the web. The one I recommend you is Guansite.com

Hope you got an idea of what a domain is.

Author: Rocko

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